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Today, NeonPlus® products are manufactured in the same workshop where they were first developed. From start to finish, our team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our work. Our products are used across the UK – and in the four corners of the world.



1. Design
Our graphic designers bring a wealth of over 50 years’ combined experience to organising the artwork you send us. They’ll carefully add the key size and nesting measurements our quoting team needs.

2. Quoting
We’ll then input your information into our quoting system and issue our pricing, with a detailed explanation of what you can expect to receive. This usually happens within 24hrs.

3. Proofing
Once you’ve accepted our quote, and payment or purchase orders have been received, our graphic designers will create an artwork proof and send it across for your review.

4. Amends
We’ll amend the artwork until you’re happy to approve it. Then give you an estimated dispatch date for your job.
(We always try to work to your timescales and lead times. If there’s any urgency about your job, please let us know. We’ll try our best to factor in your timeframe)

5. Master Artwork
We’ll break your approved proof artwork down into the relevant technical drawings. Then our production team will start the manufacturing process.

6. Production
We’ll order the materials we need and allocate time to our different departments. Then we’ll double-check your artwork so production can begin.

7. Quality Control
To ensure the smooth running of your project, two members of our team will check the start and end of each production stage.

8. Testing
Once your NeonPlus® product is ready, we’ll test it at 100% power for three hours. We’ll check it at the start of the test, throughout the test and – at the end of the test – and a second person will make sure that nothing is missed and that everything works perfectly.

9. Packaging
We’ll wrap your NeonPlus® product to meet your requirements, then send it out to you.



From our graphics team, who have over 50 years’ combined experience in working with proof, vectors and nodes, to our founders’ expertise in working with computer numerical control machinery. We’ve supplied lighting to clients across the UK and over the world since 2008 (NP product developed in 2012)



We use the highest quality materials, from our acrylics to our LEDs. Each NeonPlus® product is subject to thorough and rigorous testing, at every stage of the manufacturing process by not one, but two members of our team.



We’re aware of how quickly things change out there in the world – and how many times your clients can change their minds. That’s why we support any bespoke design needs you have – and we’ll work with you to meet your deadlines with flexible lead times.



Our workshop in Leeds, West Yorkshire was home to the development of the first NeonPlus® products and, it’s where our products are still manufactured to this day. Our location means we can turn urgent jobs around quickly, negotiate pricing to help you win work, handle last minute changes and bespoke alterations and give you the reassurance that we’re only ever a phone call away.

Meet the team

Andrew Lowe

Anthony Lowe

Cath Snowden

Connor Cooper

Elaine Price

Fran Dove

Gillian Hoole

Graeme Hoole

Ian Hoole

Karen Hardy

Kyle Leach

Leah Swales

Liam Stead

Lydia Wrightson

Martin Wright

Ryan Gomersal

Trevor Saville

Will Wilson