Illuminate your wedding with vibrant neon signs

This year has seen an emergence of the neon sign wedding trend. Couples are including the modern-meets-retro decor in their big day to help create Instagram-worthy photographs.

In the past neon signs were associated with Vegas and the eighties, but many now consider them pieces of art that can elevate a wedding’s style. According to the Pinterest top 100 trends for 2019 report, searches for ‘neon wedding sign’ are up to 281%.

Neon signs can be custom-made to exhibit a sentimental phrase crafted in cursive writing, your initials or into a simple love heart. This adds a touch of personalisation, fun and class.

Graeme Hoole, head of product development at NeonPlus said: “Not only do neon signs photograph extremely well, but they also help create a celebratory atmosphere as they are associated with parties. Exhibiting the sign at the entrance helps set the scene for the night that is about to unfold.”


What style of weddings are best-suited to neon?

If you’re choosing to incorporate neon signs into your wedding, you may wonder how to tie it in with the rest of your décor.

Jenny Courtenay-Hall, creative director of Wedding-Elements, and a member of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, said: “Neon signs are becoming more and more popular this year, especially with the rise of festival weddings and retro weddings. More people are looking to bring something unique to their wedding that no one has had before.”

Neon signs are surprisingly versatile. They are more commonly associated with themed weddings or a modern style. Playful phrases such as ‘crazy in love’ can be used in bold colours to showcase your personality. But they can also blend well with a classic or rustic design.

Graeme added: “Neon signs can be made in a variety of colours: millennial pink would work well with a contemporary design; red helps to illustrate the theme of love; and white would look great in a classic wedding. But neon signs can simply emulate the wedding colour scheme.”

For a minimalist reception, you may think that a neon sign would look out of place. But you can include it as a showstopper, to add a pop of colour and to stand out against the laid-back decorations. For something understated, the neon could mimic the muted colour palette and have a simple and small design.

How to incorporate neon signs into weddings

There are a variety of ways to incorporate neon signs into weddings. They can feature as a ceremony backdrop to commemorate the moment you say ‘I do’, but, more commonly, this decorative lighting is used in receptions.

Jenny added: “I think they work best for wedding hashtags, personal sentiments or displaying the couple’s name (e.g. ‘The Smiths’).”

Neon signs are unmissable, so they are often used to direct guests to the bar, buffet table or to welcome them once they arrive. The sign could also frame you and your partner’s seats, or highlight certain spaces such as the dancefloor.

Andrea Swift, wedding planner at Fabulous Together and member of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, said: “My clients have used neon signs in a number of different ways. A previous client had a favourite verse from a special song made for her husband-to-be as a surprise.

“I’ve definitely seen an increase in the last two years. It seems to appeal to a younger/trendier client.”

A sentimental neon sign also makes the perfect keepsake to parade in your house as a reminder of your special day.

A Married couple stood in a room with a neon sign

Create an Instagrammable photo backdrop

Getting beautiful wedding photographs has always been an important factor of this life event, but more recently, couples have been drawn to photogenic décor that will prompt guests to pose for photos and post them across social media. 

In fact, The Washington Post recently reported that couples are taking out loans to fund Pinterest-inspired weddings. According to the lenders, this year they have issued up to four times as many ‘wedding loans’ as they did last year.

However, you don’t need to splash out on flower walls, champagne towers or extravagant venues to deliver the Instagrammable experience. Bright and colourful neon signs that display symbols, or phrases such as ‘happily ever after’ look incredible on photographs.

Neon signs can also help plug a wedding hashtag which encourages guests to post pictures taken on the day onto Instagram and include the tag so other attendees can find them.

Graeme added: “Couples can use LEDs instead of neon, also known as faux neon. This has a similar visual effect but uses plastic tubing instead of glass. These lights are easy to design, build quickly and are often more suitable for custom made signs.&rdquo

Neon signs are the perfect way to make a statement and tailor the reception to your unique taste. A personalised sign can tell a part of your love story, or demonstrate your sense of humour.