Express your personality with LED neon signs for the bedroom

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Express your personality with LED neon signs for the bedroom

Neon signs are a creative way to express your personality and add a sense of fun to any environment. Popularly used outside restaurants and bars, neon signs are a great way to attract customers and increase exposure. With the rise of photo-heavy social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, the interest in unconventional decoration has risen significantly. This rise in popularity has led to neon lights entering our home. A particularly popular room in the house for neon signs is the bedroom. Neon signs have become a popular way to add a fun, artsy twist to your bedroom. In addition to be being aesthetically pleasing, they provide an exciting way to personalise your bedroom decoration.

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How can you personalise your bedroom with neon signs?

Add a sense of identity to your bedroom

Adding personalised neon can make a space feel more like your own. You can create a sense of identity in your bedroom with neon lights that spell your name or initials. With a large number of possibilities with neon, installing neon lights in the shape of your favourite animal to your bedroom is another fun way to express your identity. In particular, personalised neon can be a great addition to children’s bedrooms to make them feel special and add a sense of identity to the room. Neon lights in the bedroom can also be used as an interesting night light for a child to ensure their room is somewhere that is special to them.

lion and panda

Custom neon signs for the bedroom can be created to tailor to your specific needs and add a sense of individuality and excitement. Rather than a pre-made sign you might see in a shop, custom signs are designed to your exact specifications.

You will generally be able to specify the following when having a custom neon sign design:

  • Size
  • Colour(s)
  • Style and layout of lettering/design
  • Type of backboard or mounting

Depending on the provider, you may also be able to give the sign sophisticated lighting functions, such as the capability to flash and dim.

You can read more about custom neon signs here.

Create a specific mood for your bedroom

Neon signs can be a good way to convey a certain mood for your bedroom. If you want your bedroom to be a place you go for peace and quiet, using colours such as blue, green or light purple are good ways to create a tranquil mood. If you love the outdoors, green signs can also provide a natural feel. Calming images such as moons and stars can also be an interesting way to create this relaxing atmosphere.


Yellow and orange neon signs are good ways to brighten your mood and increase your energy levels.


Red and pink neon signs can imply a sense of romance, particularly signs such as hearts and lips.


Spelling out certain words in the bedroom can also help create a specific mood for the bedroom. For example, spelling out words such as “home” and “dream” can create a comfortable, cosy feel. Similarly, positive phrases such as “good vibes” and “be happy” can create a pleasant, inspiring mood.


Use contrasting colours for an unconventional bedroom

Neon signs can make your bedroom look innovative and mystic. A glowing sign in the dark can ensure your bedroom appears cool and visually aesthetic. Bright, eye catching signs also make your bedroom seem out of the ordinary. An interesting way to create an unconventional bedroom is to add contrasting colours to your bedroom’s colour scheme. If your bedroom is mainly white or grey, for example, contrasting colours such as red and yellow can create an area that is out of the ordinary. This will ensure your bedroom decoration will make a dramatic impression.


Where can neon signs be installed in the bedroom?

Neon signage has been a common feature outside bars and cafes for decades. They’re an increasingly popular way to attract customers into a wide range of business premises, from shops and hair salons to tattoo studios and garages.

Neon lights for the bedroom ceiling

Neon lights for the bedroom ceiling are a popular option. Placing shapes such as stars and moons on the ceiling can create the illusion of a night sky. Installing neon lights on the ceiling can also save space for decorating. If your walls are crowded with decoration, installing lights on the ceiling is a clever way to use space wisely.

Neon wall lights for the bedroom

The wall is a great place to experiment with different styles, as there is plenty of space available.

Neon lights above the bed

Placing neon lights above the bed can be an effective way to express romance. Placing a romantic quote above the bed is a popular and effective method to do this. Placing shapes such as hearts, roses or lips above the bed are also clever ways to create a romantic mood. Using simple phrases such as “love”, or “xxx” are simple yet effective ways to set the tone.

Neon signs in picture frames

Neon lights in picture frames can express a quote or random word to add a sense of fun and individuality. Neon signs in picture frames are a great way to create an unconventional bedroom, replacing traditional photos.


What are faux neon signs for the bedroom?

While traditional neon signs are often designed from soft lead glass and filled with inert gas, faux neon signs are designed from thermoplastic acrylic known as Altaglus or Perspex. Faux neon signs are a popular alternative to using traditional neon signs in the home. Faux neon signs use environmentally friendly LEDs to illuminate and display in various shapes and colours.

Are faux neon signs for the bedroom safe?

Also known as LED neon signs, faux neon signs are safer and cheaper to run than traditional signs. LED neon signs generate little heat and are safe to touch, unlike some traditional neon signs that become extremely hot when on. LED neon has a lower power usage, meaning lower electricity costs and greater safety. They are also more friendly to the environment, releasing no potentially harmful gases. Their design means they are also more robust than glass and are shatter resistant. LED neon signs provide a great opportunity to get that unique glow in your bedroom without the breakability issues that glass signs can create.

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How large can neon signs for the bedroom be?

The size of the sign depends on the area of the bedroom you are placing the sign. A sign with a logo/image and text will likely be larger than a sign carrying only text. On the other hand, a sign with several lines of text will also occupy more space than one with a single line. You can find out about your size options for a custom neon sign here.

How much electricity do neon signs use?

Neon signs consume less energy than you may think. Most modern signs come equipped with a 240v transformer and use up about the same amount of electricity as a single domestic light bulb. LED neon signs only consume 15% to 20% of the power traditional neon uses on a similar job.

You can read more about how neon signs work here.

What should I check before buying a neon sign for the bedroom?

Before you purchase a sign for your bedroom, check that it has been marked to show that it complies with the necessary standards. Neon signs must conform to BS EN50107, a British Standard that dictates how luminous discharge tube installations must be manufactured. They should also meet the requirements of the IET Wiring regulations, another British Standard known as BS 7671 that sets out specifications for how these types of installations should be wired. NeonPlus signs are tested and approved as CE Compliant by the British Standards Institute.

You can view some examples of our LED neon signs in our gallery. For more information on the different design options available, you can view our range here.