Neonplus®Staff with Carbon Quota Logo
Neonplus®Staff with Carbon Quota Logo

Carbon and Creativity: Neonplus® with CarbonQuota

Neonplus® challenges formality and traditional thinking; we’re all about ingenuity and creativity. So, why should our approach to energy efficiency and carbon footprint be any different? The answer is simple: it’s not!

We’ve partnered with CarbonQuota, a highly respected expert in carbon footprint assessment and reduction. This partnership underscores our commitment to pushing boundaries, driving change, and embracing sustainability.

Our journey toward achieving net-zero emissions led us to conduct a comprehensive Scope 1 and 2 carbon footprint assessment, independently verified by CarbonQuota. The results are in, and for the reporting year 2021/22, our carbon footprint stood at 36 tonnes of CO2e.

What does that amount to? Well, it’s equivalent to 24 Hippos (a species that once roamed where Armley Gyratory is now, around 11,500 years ago). On average, that’s about 2 Hippos’ worth of CO2e per month—not a bad starting point.

Our unwavering commitment to using 100% renewable electricity means that every time we made a brew or illuminated our workshop with Neonplus®, it made zero contribution to this carbon footprint.

Having thoroughly examined our operational impact, we now have a solid foundation to explore and invest in environmentally conscious alternatives. The report also provides a ranked list of initiatives focused on energy efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint, offering a clear roadmap for our sustainability journey. It outlines annual reduction targets that we can meet to achieve our goal of net-zero emissions.


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