Efficient LED Strip Options: New vs Existing

When it comes to lighting, efficiency is a crucial factor. The efficiency of LED strips is measured in lumens per watt (Lm/w). This metric evaluates how much light output (lumens) is produced for each watt of power consumed. In essence, the higher the lumens and the lower the wattage, the more efficient the LED strip.

Lumens and Wattage: The Basics

Lumens (Lm) measure the total amount of visible light emitted by a source. In contrast, wattage (W) indicates the power consumption of that source. By comparing lumens to watts, we can determine the efficiency of a lighting solution:

  • High Efficiency: More lumens per watt (e.g., 186 Lm/w)
  • Low Efficiency: Fewer lumens per watt (e.g., 120 Lm/w)

Comparing LED Strip Efficiencies

  • ‍‍New Optional LED Strip: 186 Lm/w (Grade B)
  • Existing SG160 LED Strip: 120 Lm/w (Grade E)

New Optional LED Strip (186 Lm/w)

This LED strip boasts an impressive efficiency of 186 lumens per watt, placing it in Grade B under the new efficiency labelling system. This indicates that for every watt of power consumed, it produces 186 lumens of light. The high efficiency means you can achieve the same brightness as before but using less energy, saving money and CO2e.

Existing SG160 LED Strip (120 Lm/w)

In comparison, the existing SG160 LED strip has an efficiency of 120 lumens per watt, classified as Grade E under the new system. While it is less efficient than the new optional strip, it has been a reliable choice for many customers.

Visual representation of energy efficiency ratings for appliances, from least to most efficient. Comparison of 2012-2020 chart and the 2021-current one.

Why the Efficiency Labels Changed

Efficiency labels have recently been updated to reflect advancements in LED technology more accurately. Previously, our SG160 LED was rated A++, but as lighting solutions have become increasingly efficient, the criteria for these ratings have become stricter. This shift ensures fairer comparisons and encourages continued innovation in the industry.

Customer Options

While we acknowledge the superior efficiency of the new optional LED strip, we will not immediately replace the SG160 model. Although the newer option boasts better energy efficiency the compromise is that it’s slightly less versatile in its uses.

However, offering the higher efficiency strip as an option allows us to cater to customers who prioritise energy efficiency and are willing to consider a different lighting distribution. This flexibility enhances our product offerings and allows customers to choose the best option for their needs.


Understanding the efficiency of LED strips is essential for making informed decisions about lighting solutions. The comparison between our new optional LED strip and the existing SG160 strip highlights significant advancements in LED technology and efficiency. By staying informed about these changes, we can better serve our customers and continue to offer high-quality, efficient lighting options.

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