Failing Effect Dimmer
Failing Effect Dimmer

Embrace Imperfection: ‘Failing’ Effect Dimmer

In a world where technology is all about achieving perfection, imagine stumbling upon something refreshingly different: a failing effect dimmer. That’s the curveball that Neonplus® is throwing into the mix. We’re not ones to play by the rules – we like to shake things up.

At Neonplus®, we’ve been breaking away from the ordinary. Experimenting with different controllers, all in the name of creating ‘failing’ effects. Whether it’s setting the mood for a spooky horror movie night or capturing that nostalgic old-school flicker, we’re all about making lighting an experience.

Now, our latest brainchild takes centre stage: a dimmer that’s all about getting that ‘failing’ look just right. We’re not bluffing when we say we’ve nailed it. With pinpoint accuracy, this dimmer brings our creative experiments to life.

So, in a world where the perfect is prized, Neonplus® is daring you to embrace the imperfect.

How can buying a new, high-end sign designed to look like it’s failing, go wrong?

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