Collection of Neonplus® Calvin Klein Letters for Sign
Collection of Neonplus® Calvin Klein Letters for Sign

Neonplus®: Innovative Design and Functionality Project

At first glance, a trade signage company from Leeds and the worldwide lifestyle brand Calvin Klein might not seem to have much in common. However, both companies share a love for daring, progressive design and are always pushing to innovate and entice with an air of elegance and expertise.

In a unique collaboration that blended trade signage with high-end fashion, our company took on a project for a client directly associated with Calvin Klein. Hollywood didn’t quite make its way to Leeds, but it came pretty close…

In this project, we conceived and meticulously crafted a range of Neonplus® signs. Each sign was designed with boldness, progressiveness, and allure in mind. One standout innovation was the mounting method. We added a versatile hanging system to the back of the sign, allowing for easy vertical or horizontal installation using the same templates and fixings. The design seamlessly integrated the PSU and cabling. To ensure the utmost safety and functionality, we put each unit through in-house PAT testing before delivering it as a comprehensive, ready-to-install package.

Over 6 months, our dedicated team manufactured and managed stockpiles of around 100 signs that were crafted in two distinct aluminium tray colours: sleek Black for Europe and elegant Cream for the UK.

The signs went through rigorous testing, involving multiple samples and strict quality checks, which was key in ensuring the Neonplus® signs met our client’s standards. The results were nothing short of outstanding. All the signs passed with flying colours through each of the tests, confirming the success of this innovative venture.

This unexpected fusion of expertise from different industries highlights the power of creative collaboration, visionary design, and the pursuit of excellence, which stands as proof that seemingly unrelated fields can yield remarkable solutions that captivate and leave a lasting impact.

Row of Neonplus® Calvin Klein tray signs
Back of Neonplus® sign for Calvin Klein
Side view of Neonplus® Calvin Klein sign
Neonplus® Calvin Klein tray sign
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