NP390™ Textured in a Knot
NP390™ Textured in a Knot

Introducing NP360™ Textured: Illumination with Captivating Design

You may be familiar with NP360™ for its smooth and silky nature, flowing effortlessly like water off a duck’s back. But now, we’ve elevated this exceptional product by introducing a captivating textured element into the mix.

This innovative twist comes in the form of a braided rope texture that adds a new dimension without compromising the perfectly even illumination that NP360™ is renowned for. Allow us to introduce NP360™ Textured.

Just like its counterpart, NP360™ Textured offers the same versatility in positioning. This product adapts flawlessly to your vision. Harnessing the power of individual or collective illumination, you can play with the dynamic control settings. Adjust each tube independently or synchronize them to create a group that aligns precisely with your needs. This means animated effects can be programmed over numerous tubes as a collective, as well as along a single tube itself.

This extraordinary NP360™ Textured can find its place as a lighting feature in various settings. From window displays that beckon curious gazes, to promotional areas that draw attention, even within your living space as an unconventional lighting solution, it never fails to captivate hearts and minds.

NP360™ Textured isn’t just another LED flex – it’s an experience, a statement. Hang It, Lean It, Twist It, Stand It, Drape It, Wave It, Curve It… Love It!

NP390™ Textured tied in a knot
NP390™ Textured in a U shape
Close up of NP390™ Textured tied in a knot
Close up of NP390™ Textured in a straight line
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