NP Boxes and Boards

We’ve created a few sample boxes and boards over the years for NP, but something always changes and then the box needs a redesign which is very time consuming.

Our current sample box is very simple, and is there just to show the colour variations and some of the style variations available. We are experimenting with a ‘smart’ led box which will include an android tablet which will control the NP in the box. To be honest, the thing that’s taking the time is knowing where to stop with, there’s just so many ways to use NP that we’re wanting to show everything in one go.

We’ll let everyone know when they’re good to go.

On a simpler side, we have a new sample board showcasing an NP1 and NP8r letters. Complete with dimmer and plug style PSU. Very simple, but very easy to see the quality, and perfect to show your clients.

Get in touch for details.

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