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NP Flex™

6-8mm Silicon flexible strip with LED strip embedded inside.
The signs are supplied with the flex bonded to a backing, usually clear acrylic, with suitable clear cables from the sign to a choice of power supplies and controllers.

The backing can be supplied in multiple ways:

  • Full board – This is a rectangle backing similar to a standard sign tray in shape.
  • Cut To Shape – This is where the backing is loosely cut to the shape of the contour of the sign (This is the one chosen most often)
  • Cut To Letter – This is where the backing is cut almost to the exact shape of the letter, therefore the backing is hardly visible.

We can also supply the backing in various different materials to suit your requirements. There aren’t really any limitations to what you can use.


Standard LED

  • 12v – 10w p/m (Available in 10 static colours – Pure White, Warm White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Rose Pink (Purple), Light Blue, Standard Blue & Green.
  • 12v – RGB 15w p/m
  • 12v – Digital 15w p/m

The LED is completely waterproof, IP67, but the solder connections and cut ends can only be made splash proof. The finished signs are ideal for internal use, and external use where there is a level of protection from the wind and rain such as a canopy etc.


Each sign will be supplied with 3-4m tail of clear wire exiting from from the sign. These can be supplied as bare wires, push fit connectors, or bespoke connectors if required.


We offer a wide range of controllers.

We have a wide range of units to control your NP Flex™ signs in many different ways. From RGB controllers, dimmer switches, DMX systems, flasher units and digital controllers.



We offer a range of wireless units that work with dimmers, RGB controllers, flasher units, DMX systems and addressable options. This helps when you want to control multiple signs from one point, and also if trailing the wire just isn’t possible.