NP Flex™

This is the perfect way to give you and your clients a very high quality faux neon solution, where budget and timing is critical.

NP Flex™ is a 6-8mm wide silicone flex, embedded with LED strips, shaped and bonded to a clear acrylic backing.
We can turn these signs round within a few days if required, and can deliver direct to site to make it even quicker.

Designing with NP Flex™ is very similar to designing for traditional glass neon. The corners will always be slightly radiussed, there might be gaps in the flex for power injection and fixings, but ultimately the final result is 1st class and with unmistakenly ‘neon’ style.

We can supply you with everything you need to fit and light up, or if you have a specific method in mind, let us know and we can work to suit you.


Colour Options

The widest available range of colours

10 static colours, a 12mm wide RGB option and a digital option.