Neonplus® Logo in a Forest
Neonplus® Logo in a Forest

Understanding Your Carbon Footprint with Neonplus®

Neonplus® introduces the Carbon Footprint Calculator, an innovative tool that quantifies the carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions associated with producing Neonplus® and neon flex signs. This comprehensive calculation encompasses various factors such as sign type, LED length, and materials used in construction. By leveraging this data, businesses gain invaluable insights into their environmental footprint and can make informed decisions to minimize emissions.

Why It Matters

In today’s eco-conscious market, understanding the environmental impact of products is crucial. By utilizing the Carbon Footprint Calculator, businesses demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, attracting environmentally aware customers. Moreover, this measurement enables proactive efforts to reduce overall environmental impact, fostering a greener future for all.

Trusted Measurement

Rest assured, our calculations are meticulously compiled and verified by CarbonQuota, ensuring accuracy and reliability. Through detailed information on raw materials, manufacturing processes, and logistics, we provide legitimate measurements that empower businesses to make eco-friendly choices confidently.

Putting Information into Action

While not every customer may actively utilize the carbon footprint measurement, those committed to sustainability can integrate it into their programs, showcasing responsible procurement practices. As pioneers in offering this service, our customers benefit from being at the forefront of environmental accountability.

Offsetting Solutions

Partnering with ‘Carma’, we offer verified offsetting options, allowing businesses to mitigate their carbon footprint by planting trees in the UK and worldwide. Each tree purchase is tracked, providing customers with tangible evidence of their environmental contribution and fostering a sense of shared responsibility for a greener planet.

Your Path to Sustainability

Embrace sustainability seamlessly into your operations with Neonplus® and our suite of eco-friendly solutions. Join us on the journey towards a net-zero emissions future, where environmental responsibility meets unparalleled innovation. Together, let’s make a lasting impact for generations to come.

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