Quarter Of Brits Declare Neon Signs ‘Garish’

Over a quarter of people believe neon signs would make a bar seem garish, while a further fifth said it would insinuate the venue is fun, according to research.

In a recent survey, conducted by NeonPlus, 26.6% of respondents said seeing a neon sign in a bar would give them the impression it’s a garish venue.

While being ‘garish’ may have once been a bad thing, a loud interior design with novelty features can now help establishments stand out and go viral on social media.

Another 21.6% of Brits said neon signs would tell them the bar is fun, and another fifth of respondents believed neon would attract a young crowd to the establishment.

Graeme Hoole, head of product development at NeonPlus said: “Vibrant and colourful lighting such as neon can help create a party atmosphere and energise customers.”

But neon can be tailored to create many other types of ambiences. A sophisticated cocktail bar inspired by Hollywood Regency with velvet soft furnishings, jewel tones, and brass accents, can be elevated with a simple neon sign in pink cursive writing.

Hetty Wheeler, architectural designer at architecture and interior design firm Shh, added: “Depending on the colours and the size, neon lights bring a modern, vibrant twist to illumination or they can create a more relaxed atmosphere. For a more relaxed vibe, softer pastel colours work better whereas, for a vibrant feel, brighter and bigger signs are favoured,” Hetty added.

Nearly 20% of respondents said neon signs would make a bar seem modern and trendy.

“While neon was commonly seen in dive bars through the eighties, it has since re-emerged as a must-have accessory for stylish venues,” Graeme continued. “The evolution of this feature provides the option to use neon to complement a retro or contemporary style.”

A neon sign can also be used to reflect the company’s branding with signature typography and colours or displaying slogans.

Eye-catching neon can generate free advertising by encouraging customers to take photos at the venue, and post them on Instagram.

Hetty said: “Overcrowd a seating area with bright and boisterous neon’s to create a surreal, vintage atmosphere perfect for a social media shot, or accentuate dark corners with contrasting and quirky signage that may highlight a vibrant wallpaper otherwise lost.”

The interior design of a bar is the perfect excuse for businesses to get creative and showcase the brand’s personality. A custom-made neon sign can be unique and imaginative.