Neon signs—what they are and how they can convey your brand style and personality

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Neon signs—what they are and how they can convey your brand style and personality

Neon signage is instantly eye-catching and can make your business stand out from your competitors in the street, inside your premises, and on social media.

Neon business signs have become landmarks in their own right, from the historic signs of Fremont Street’s casinos in Las Vegas to the Moulin Rouge and neon cabarets in Paris.

Whatever your business does, there’s a neon sign to ensure it gets noticed and remembered.

In this guide you’ll learn more about:

What is faux-neon?

Faux-neon uses LEDs rather than gas to light up acrylic tubes—a more environmentally friendly and safer alternative to traditional neon signs. LED neon signs are lightweight and won’t shatter if they’re dropped, unlike the glass tubing of traditional neon signs.

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What is a custom neon sign?

A custom neon sign is one that’s designed to your specifications, rather than a ready-made sign that can be bought ‘off the shelf’. Custom signs are a great way for businesses to show off their brand personality with bright colours, designs and lettering.

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The design process for neon signs is straightforward and if you’re considering having a sign made for your business, you can find out everything you need to know with our guide Neon sign design—how to do it and how the final product is made.

External neon signs for businesses

The main purpose of external neon signs is to catch the eye of potential customers, but they serve several other purposes:

  • Provide round-the-clock visibility of your company name
  • The enticing glow of neon can convert passing foot traffic into paying customers

Below we take a closer look at the type of businesses that use outdoor neon signs to their advantage.

If you want to find out more about the benefits of installing neon signs inside or outside your businesses read our guide Indoor and outdoor LED neon signs—benefits and what to look for.

Garages and car or motorbike showrooms

From brand names to ‘open’ signs, faux neon signage for garages and car or motorbike showrooms can reinforce a brand and stand out to passing customers.

Hair and beauty salons

Hair and beauty salons are fast becoming as Instagrammable as their customers’ new hairstyles or looks. Faux neon signs or slogans also help create the perfect backdrop for your customer’s next social media post.

You can read more about how neon signs can help make your business a social media success with our guide Instagram is the new word-of-mouth for business.

Bars, clubs and live music venues

Whether your bar, venue or club is in a busy city street, or out in the middle of nowhere, LED neon signs demand the attention of passers-by looking for a drink and a good time.

Bar signs have been used for centuries to attract passers-by—in fact, it was way back in 1393 that King Richard II passed a law making it compulsory for pubs to have signs1!

Neon signage takes tradition pub and bar signs to the next level with colourful, intricate designs that entice customers in with a warm glow.

Takeaways, cafes and restaurants

There are nearly 57,000 takeaways in the UK2 so standing out from the crowd isn’t easy. LED neon signs work for cafes, restaurants and takeaways and can let your customers know your brand name and what you sell in an instant.

Neon signs provide an aesthetic that blends 1950s nostalgia of American diners with modern, 21st‑century style, and can create a unique style statement for your business.

Clothes shops

From high street chains to independent boutiques and vintage stores, neon signs demand the attention of passing customers and can help to convey your store’s brand values.

As well as neon signage for brand names and slogans, neon can be used to create stunning window displays or to draw attention to key gondolas or displays inside the store.


Whether it’s a French-style pair of glasses in neon, the name of your business or simply advertising eye tests, neon signs for opticians are a great way to bring a crisp, fresh look to this centuries-old profession.


It’s only right that jewellers should have signs as eye-catching as the jewels they sell. With faux neon, your options range from an elegant backlit sign to something with a bit more bling, depending on the type of customers you want to attract.


Late-night pharmacies need signage that stands out after dark. Faux neon is the perfect choice.

Tattoo Studios

Neon signs for tattoo studios can advertise walk-in appointments, your studio name or even depict a tattoo design. Neon tattoo studio signs portray the right mix of nostalgia and modern style.

Interior neon signs

Interior neon signs have always been popular, particularly in bars and restaurants. In recent years, this popularity has increased and now signs feature inspirational quotes, bold images and fun slogans to engage customers.

Interior faux neon signs serve a number of purposes, they can:

  • help convey your company’s brand personality
  • create a fun and engaging atmosphere, and an Instagrammable location
  • give customers clear information and instructions

Instructional signs

LED neon signs for commercial properties and offices

Neon signs in offices and commercial properties serve two main purposes, they:

  • enhance a company’s brand personality and catch the eye of clients
  • inspire and energise staff and clients

A clever combination of message and colour can create a stimulating or soothing environment, depending on the atmosphere you want to create.

The wide variety of design choices means you can have a sign as big or small as you need.

You can find out more about using LED neon signs in offices with our guide Neon signs for offices and other business premises.

LED neon signs for weddings and other occasions

Neon signage has become a popular trend for weddings and parties in the past few years, whether it’s to welcome guests to the venue, give directions or to decorate the venue (and create the perfect photo opportunity!). The best part about using a neon sign at your wedding is that you can create a design that you can use as a keepsake after the wedding.

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