Revamp workplace decor with striking neon

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Revamp workplace decor with striking neon

Workplace environment can have a huge impact on the success of a business. It can boost staff wellbeing, corporate culture and even sales. In previous research that found a quarter of employers are planning an office refurbishment in the next year, 27% believed having ‘cool’ office features could increase productivity, while 33% said it improves morale and one in 10 claimed it attracts new talent.

Graeme Hoole, head of product development at NeonPlus explains: “An aesthetically pleasing office helps businesses look professional, presentable and shows they care about their reputation, while also making staff feel valued.”

Stylish furniture, greenery or patterned flooring can elevate an office’s decor. For a modern yet retro aesthetic, neon signs can add creativity and a pop of colour, to help the workspace stand out.

“Neon signs can be displayed in the reception or entrance of an office to ‘wow’ visitors as soon as they walk through the door. Signs in meeting rooms or workstations could encourage ideas, or neon signs with phrases such as ‘but first, coffee’ could be put in a break room to create a more relaxed environment,” Graeme adds.

Enhance branding with a visual workspace

Office interiors should consistently reflect the company’s branding, which may include signature colour palettes, logo images and typography.

In the headquarters of fashion brand In the Style, the company name is lit up in neon, using on-brand colours and typefaces, against a flower wall backdrop for additional aesthetic appeal.

A business’s ethos, views and values can also be presented in neon. Signs can reaffirm an expression the business believes in and is most associated with, such as Nike’s slogan ‘Just Do It’ and L’Oreal’s ‘Because You’re Worth It’.

Graeme says: “Small and understated signs in white achieve a sleek and professional appearance, whereas red or black could make a statement against white walls. Bright colours are popular in creative environments.”

To leave a lasting impression on visitors and acknowledge the employee’s achievements, signs could exhibit company milestones, whether it is award wins or flattering reviews. 

John Elliss, marketing manager at Dale Office Interiors, says: “An office space should inspire confidence in prospective clients and reflect [the company’s] brand. What a business portrays online and in print should mirror their working environment.

“People make judgements at every stage of their customer journey and if you invite clients to your place of work it can be a powerful tool in your sales armoury, or it can be a chink.”

As well as decorative lighting, offices can add creativity with statement wallpaper, flooring or  artwork. A pledge wall, where visitors or employees can leave inspirational notes is a low-cost way of portraying the brand’s imagination.

However, a visual workspace can also be fairly subtle. Urban Outfitter’s rustic vintage branding is emphasised with antique furniture, colourful patterned desk chairs and exposed brickwork.

Attract a younger workforce

On first impressions, an office’s atmosphere can help interviewees decide whether the company is suited to them. A modern, colourful and inspirational office can grab the attention of creative individuals and younger people who are brimming with ideas and ambition.

John adds: “As their prospective employees do when applying for a role, companies have to impress and the office environment is an important part of selling their company.”

In the Annual Workplace Report from 2018, 85% of millennials said they would typically make a judgement of a business based on its office environment. A further 82% of employees said that when looking for a new job, a forward-thinking office design would definitely make them more inclined to want the position.

“Aesthetics are not the only contributing factor, but they are key to the attraction of new talent to a business. Stand-out features like neon lighting that demonstrates a company is vibrant, modern, willing to invest and move with trends, work collectively to communicate a powerful initial impression,” John continued. 

Inspire and motivate employees

Providing a comfortable and inspiring workspace can help employees feel happy. Research shows that two-thirds of workers are more likely to feel valued by their organisation if it invests in their office space.

The Annual Workplace report also discovered that 90% of millennials and 78% of baby boomers believed that the office environment typically affects their productivity. A further 95% of workers thought it could affect morale. 

Lighting can have a huge impact on the wellbeing of staff members. It has been found that LED lighting can improve alertness, mood, performance and comfort. This can result in a healthy office culture and a better quality of work.

Graeme says: “Faux neon, which uses LED lights as an alternative to traditional neon, is often more suitable for businesses. It uses plastic tubing instead of glass, making it far less fragile and easy to design and build quickly. It also lasts much longer with an 80% reduced running cost to traditional neon.”

Decorative lighting can add excitement to a space. This can improve the general atmosphere of the business setting. Exhibiting encouraging phrases, such as ‘Make it happen’ or ‘Do something great’ can help energise employees.

“Neon can enhance people’s moods and help create a positive atmosphere, as it is often associated with parties and feelings of merriment, especially at this festive time of year,” Graeme adds.

Colour can also be used influence the mood of staff members, for example:

  • Green is connected with creative-thinking
  • Orange is associated with energy
  • Blue is linked with calmness and productivity

John concludes: “Any working environment can benefit from a more creative and inspiring workspace. The approach, materials and design choices will differ from business to business, but the underlying benefits of a better working environment are universal.”

A unique office design helps companies engage with people and influence how they are perceived. Eye-catching signs with consistent branding can feel inviting and impress customers, clients and employees.  

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