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Neonplus® challenges formality and traditional thinking; we’re all about ingenuity and creativity. So, why should our approach to energy efficiency and carbon footprint be any different? The answer is simple: it’s not!

We’ve partnered with CarbonQuota, a highly respected expert in carbon footprint assessment and reduction. This partnership underscores our commitment to pushing boundaries, driving change, and embracing sustainability.

Our journey toward achieving net-zero emissions led us to conduct a comprehensive Scope 1 and 2 carbon footprint assessment, independently verified by CarbonQuota. The results for the reporting year 2021/22, measured our carbon footprint at 36 tonnes of CO2e.

What does that amount to? Well, it’s equivalent to 24 Hippos (a species that once roamed where Armley Gyratory is now, around 11,500 years ago). On average, that’s about 2 Hippos’ worth of CO2e per month—not a bad starting point.

What have we already implemented?

Our unwavering commitment to using 100% renewable electricity means that every time we made a brew or illuminated our workshop with Neonplus®, it made zero contribution to this carbon footprint.

The LED strip used in Neonplus® is 100% recyclable, this is particularly important as we’ve got through 7,835M of it in 2023. This isn’t unique to our LED strip, the 30mm acrylic used to house the LED is also 100% recyclable.

In 2023 we’ve also reduced the electrical current the LEDs require to run by 17% to make them even more energy-efficient and cheaper to run, which helps us offset those hippos and it’s better for your pockets—win-win!

Recycling is engrained within our business, none of our waste goes to landfill. It’s collected by B&M, hand-sorted and recycled appropriately. We’d give Greta Thunberg a run for her money on that one!

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We are working with CarbonQuota to measure, reduce and certify our carbon emissions (certified: CarbonQuota 2023).

Our journey started with 24 hippos, where next?

Sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint for Neonplus® is a huge focus for us in the coming year:

  • We’re looking to move to fully or partially recycled block acrylics in multiple colours.
  • Explore new development opportunities for producing and sourcing LED components from within the UK.
  • Fostering a happier, more creative environment for the team, and encouraging departments to interact with each other more regularly.
  • Implementing software to easily interact with the wider team so everyone feels part of the ‘team’. 
  • Proactively engage in the efforts of team members and the overall vision of the business.

We’re excited to continue our journey to net-zero and look forward to updating you on our progress along the way. We have full confidence in CarbonQuota to assist us in becoming a more sustainable and greener company.

(No hippos are harmed in the reduction of our carbon footprint).


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