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Why you might choose neon for your wedding

One of the most prominent and popular wedding trends of recent times has been the use of signage. More and more couples are turning to signs as a visually striking way of:

  • welcoming guests to the wedding party
  • directing guests to particular areas of the venue
  • supplying a backdrop for photo opportunities
  • decorating the venue

It all depends on the theme, of course, but often the signs are (or appear) handmade and given a rustic, floral or traditional theme. However, an increasing number of couples are incorporating neon or LED neon signs into their wedding décor, illuminating their big day in an amazing and unforgettable way.

So why neon?

There’s no longer an obligation for couples to keep things traditional. You might be the kind of unconventional couple that wishes to experiment with new ideas and get creative, customising your wedding to give it a much more personal touch.

Not only do neon wedding signs move things away from the classic white by adding bold, bright colours, but they give the venue a modern, trendy and retro feel. Ambiance is key, and neon signs work as a very effective statement piece, creating an unconventional, quirky and fun atmosphere.

How to use neon signs at your wedding

At NeonPlus®, we’re inundated with requests from sign companies whose customers want the cool and striking effect of neon at their wedding and have come to them for help. Indeed, our custom-made LED neon signs have been used as:

  • backdrops for the actual ceremony
  • lighting for the dancefloor
  • backdrops for photo booths
  • decorations for couples to celebrate their new surname/initials or to display wedding hashtags

You can either hang your signs from a wall or beam at your venue, or have your signs fitted with a freestanding frame that matches your wedding theme.

If you’re thinking of having your own neon signs made, the design possibilities are absolutely limitless. However, we have a few tips for you:

  • Express yourselves—use the sign as neon art, to convey your character and personality, or to refer to something unique about your relationship or how you got together
  • Show people the way—if your wedding is a grand affair with lots of to-ing and fro-ing, use a neon sign to direct guests to the reception room, a drinks area or the dancefloor
  • Create a keepsake—you’re spending good money on a sign, so why not choose a design you can display at home once the big event has been and gone?

Every couple wants to make their wedding as memorable as possible by going that extra step, and some are even looking to outdo their friends’ events. In our experience, we’ve found that the subtle yet aesthetically pleasing glow of a neon sign is one of the most effective ways to do this.

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Make a splash on social media

Social media dominates most aspects of our lives nowadays, and weddings are no different! Apps like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have become the platforms of choice for couples and their guests to document the big day and capture lots of memories.

In a study carried out in the US, nearly 50% of the brides surveyed said they had used social media to share photos and images in the months leading up to the wedding, to record each stage of the planning. Seventy per cent said they had created custom hashtags for their weddings, while almost half reported having hashtags for their hen parties as well.

Using hashtags has become particularly popular, and what better way to alert guests to your wedding hashtag than by displaying it on a big, bold and beautiful neon sign?

How to arrange neon signs for your wedding

Generally, when looking to acquire neon signs for your wedding, your options will be to hire or to buy. Which is best for you will depend on your budget and how much you’re prepared to spend.

Hiring a neon sign might be cheaper, but the issue is that you’re limited to the range of neon designs the company has on offer. This means you might struggle to find a sign that meets your requirements exactly, and you might be restricted to signs with standard wedding slogans (e.g. “All you need is love” or “Til death do us part”) rather than personal hashtags or mottoes that mean something to your relationship.

If you choose to buy a neon sign, it will likely cost more, as every custom neon sign or LED neon sign is a bespoke piece made to order. However, because you’re free to tailor it to your specific needs, you’re able to specify every aspect of the design, including the size, colour and style of lettering.

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