Not just signage

Neonplus® began as a revolutionary signage solution, but it has since evolved to encompass so much more. Today, our products are at the heart of visual merchandising, helping brands create lasting impressions on their customers. With its adaptability and distinctive appearance, NP® is the preferred choice for designing unforgettable experiences that captivate audiences.

Diverse Lighting Applications
No longer limited to signage, NP® has found its way into a myriad of lighting applications. Visual merchandisers and designers have harnessed our versatile range to create eye-catching retail window displays, immersive exhibition stands, and atmospheric interior designs. The possibilities with NP® are virtually endless, allowing you to push the boundaries of your creative vision.

Safety and Quality Assured
Safety and durability are crucial when working with lighting elements, and NP® ensures both. Our products are BSI-endorsed and UKCA certified, providing you with the safest, most resilient, and highest-quality lighting options available. For example, you can confidently replace fragile traditional neon with a more reliable and secure solution.

Transforming Visual Merchandising
NP® has breathed new life into the world of visual merchandising, helping countless brands make their mark. As a go-to solution for creating exceptional customer experiences, our products combine unique aesthetics with unparalleled versatility. Embrace the potential of NP® for your next project and discover the endless possibilities that await.

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