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NP 360™

25mm dia flexible silicone tubes with internal LED illumination for a perfect 360degree illumination.
Supplied in lengths of up to 5m in one piece. Easily extendable or shortened to suit your exact requirements.

With numerous high quality fixings for hanging, flush mounts, rigid spacers and much more, NP360™ can be used in a straight line, curved, in a circle or even tied in a knot.

They can be illuminated individually and as a group and can be dynamically controlled independently or as a whole to suit your requirements.
This means animated effects can be programmed over numerous tubes as a collective, as well as along a single tube itself.


  • 360degree illumination
  • Available up to 5m in one piece.
  • Easily extended to 10m with one power source
  • With 6mm cutting points they can be shortened to suit any length you want.
  • Multiple fittings available.
  • Perfect for internal or external applications


Standard LED

  • 24v – 14w p/m / 160 leds p/m (Available in 4 static shades of white – Warm White (2700K & 3000k), Natural White (4000K) & Neutral White (5000K)


We can supply NP360™ with cables to suit your requirements to make fitting as easy as possible.


We offer a wide range of controllers.

We have a wide range of units to control your NP360™ in many different ways. Dimmer switches, DMX systems & flasher units.



We offer a range of wireless units that work with dimmers, flasher units & DMX systems. This helps when you want to control multiple signs from one point, and also if trailing the wire just isn’t possible.