Tech Spec - NP4

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Available in any colour, the effect given by the NP4 is that of a flat letter, floating above a fantastically bright light.

Commonly used for exhibition signs, the NP4 is also ideal for inlaying in slimline fascias where internal lighting isn’t possible and for free-standing letters for POS


  • Full edges and halo Illumination.
  • Blockout vinyl or print applied to the face.
  • Depending on the font, stroke width, and finish, the NP4 may have a visible shadow line around the outside of the letters. This is removable.
  • Perfect for internal and external applications.


  • Intricate acrylic or metals can be added to the face, for additional, bespoke detailing.



  • Our minimum height product is 50mm
  • Our maximum height product is 1m+

Please note we’ll always double-check any artwork you send us. If we think any detailing may be compromised, due to the choice of font and text, we’ll get in touch.

Min. Stroke width / B. Max Stroke Width (before shadowing) / C. Ideal Stroke Width / D. Backing Material

  • NP4 – A 10mm/B n/a /C 50mm /D Opal Acrylic


 We offer a wide range of fixing options.

This is a very basic overview of some of the standard fixings we offer.

  • Stainless Steel Bolts in various sizes
  • Rivnuts and allthreads in various sizes
  • Neon stands supplied with ‘buff’ cable ties or nickel wire.
  • Brass/nickel locators
  • Keyhole fixings



LED Options

  • 24v – 16.8w p/m / 163 leds p/m (Available in 10 static colours – Cool White (7500K), Pure White (6500K), Natural White (4000K), Warm White (3000K), Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Green & Blue)
  • 24v RGB – 20w p/m / 90 leds p/m
  • 5v Digital – 14.4w p/m / 60 leds p/m
  • 12v Tunable – 9.6w p/m / 60 leds p/m

We can supply most of the main colours in a 12v alternative if you need to fit to an existing system. Ask us for more details.


Our standard minimum internal radius is 3mm, and this leaves and immaculate finish to the edges. On smaller jobs we can use a 4mm bit to reduce the radius to 2mm, but it leaves an Orange peel effect on the edges which is difficult to remove. Our technical team will be happy to talk to you about what you need.


We’ve worked to develop IP67 weatherproofing to all our range. The only limitation is a minimum stroke width of 15mm on the letter to allow room for a mechanical fix for the backing.


We use a method called “Master Wiring”. It’s the ideal way to connect power safely without compromising on bright and even illumination.
We always supply wiring diagrams for our jobs, whether basic or intricate, and we have a technical helpline here to help if you get stuck

If your client requires the traditional ‘neon’ look, we can wire up using similar cable to glass neon. There’s a bit more work involved with it, so please let us know at the point of requesting a quote.


We offer a wide range of controllers.

We have a wide range of units to control your NeonPlus® in many different ways. From RGB controllers, dimmer switches, DMX systems, flasher units and digital controllers.


We offer a range of wireless units that work with dimmers, RGB controllers, flasher units, DMX systems and addressable options. This helps when you want to control multiple signs from one point, and also if trailing the wire just isn’t possible. 


 NeonPlus® offers 8 standard acrylic colours

  • Opal
  • Red
  • Deep blue
  • Light blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Pink