Ladbrokes Live NP7
Ladbrokes Live NP7

Ladbrokes Live x Neonplus® Stole the Show at London O2 Arena

Delve into the riveting details of our recent collaboration with Ladbrokes Live, an undertaking that demanded both resilience and top-notch expertise to deliver a showstopping masterpiece.

Our daily ritual of confronting challenges, much like sipping a strong espresso, ensures that our prowess in sign-making remains finely tuned. Picture a monumental sign, an impressive 3m x 2m, meticulously adorned with the dynamic combination of NP7 and a generous 134.8 meters of Neon Flex. Against the relentless ticking of the clock, our adept team wasted no time, executing the entire endeavour in a swift 10 days, a feat that could rival the legendary speed of Speedy Gonzalez—Ariba Ariba!

This wasn’t just another routine assignment but a bespoke creation meticulously tailored for Ladbrokes Live, strategically positioned within an executive box at The O2 London arena. Collaboration stood as a cornerstone, and we forged alliances with the visionary team at Neverland Creative and the accomplished minds of Taylor Bennett to bring this vision to life.

Now, let the tangible results speak for themselves; the production, a testament to precision and innovation, takes its rightful place at centre stage. Our journey with Ladbrokes Live unfolds as a straightforward narrative, where every challenge met is an opportunity for unwavering dedication. It translates into a masterpiece that not only met but surpassed expectations.

Our behind-the-scenes video invites you to witness the factual intricacies, unveiling a story where ingenuity, precision, and collaborative synergy converge to create an extraordinary installation at The O2 London arena. Join us on this journey, where a no-nonsense approach to challenges resulted in a standout achievement that captures the essence of our unrivalled Neonplus product and its limitless capabilities.


CNC Router Cutting Material
Team Member Sanding Acrylic
Team Member Assembling Flex
Ladbrokes Live Finished
Ladbrokes Live Finished View from the side
Ladbrokes Live at the O2
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